These paintings were created BY Mind womenís GROUP, which shows the recovery journey.


This is ‘Change Your Mind Newham’, a group of organisations working together to improve mental well-being in Newham.  A good way to enhance your well-being is to find some volunteering, training, a placement or some employment. This website provides a way of doing that.

Have a look through our website, it offers many opportunities, for example, you can:

  • Browse for jobs
  • Advertise your skills
  • Promote some training or an event
  • Find some support when you need it

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

This is a community resource aimed at bringing together members of the community and organisations. We want  to promote opportunities and improve access to local services. Please support your community and help us in our campaign to improve well being by becoming a member. Registration is quick and easy and membership is free! Click here to register